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Garbage/Recycle Bill Pay

  1. Personal Information & Garbage/Recycle Bill Payment

    *Garbage/Recycle bills are issued monthly, and are due on or before the due date.
    *Failure to receive a Garbage/Recycle bill will not release customer from payment obligation.
    *If the due date falls on a weekend or a holiday in which the City of Oak Hill is closed, payment will be accepted the next working day with no penalty or late fee.
    *If the Garbage/Recycle Bill has not been paid by the due date a 5% penalty will be applied to the net amount.

  2. Pay Online

    To pay online, please select the option for payment from the list on the right.

  3. Price*

  4. Pay by Mail:

    You may also mail your payment to:
    City of Oak Hill
    5548 Franklin Pike, Suite 101
    Nashville, TN 37220

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