Recyclables are picked up from the rear of your house once a week. The quantity of recycled items collected per visit is unlimited. Paper, small cardboard, cans and plastics can be commingled in to one clear or blue bag and placed in the recycling bin. Boxes should be flattened, bound and placed beside bin. Tie the bags closed and put them in the bin on collection days.

A box of 50 count blue 30 gallon recycle bags can be purchased from the City for $13.00.

Preparing Recyclables

Plastic Bottles, Cans, Food Containers

  • Empty contents.
  • Rinse residue.
  • Labels and lids can remain.


  • Remove binder clips.
  • Staples, paper clips can stay.
  • Place shredded paper in plastic bag and tie shut.


  • Bag small cardboard and paper cartons with other recyclables.
  • Break down cardboard bigger than 2'x2' along the seams
  • Remove other packing material and wraps.
  • Bind the cardboard together with string or packing tape in bundles not to exceed 4' x4' and 30 pounds.
  • Put cardboard bundle beside bin.

Aerosol Cans

  • Spray to release remaining pressure.

Household Chemical Containers

  • Drain and rinse thoroughly.

Inside the Recycling Bin

  • Use puncture-resistant plastics bags or any color (No Black or White bags)
  • Bag commingled paper, cardboard, plastics, cans.
  • Tie bags shut and place in recycling bin.
  • Close lid
Oak Hill Recycling